Rideout from Surrey TOMCC - King William IV to The Weir Hotel

Thursday, 8 September 2022 at 19:45

Starting from: Surrey TOMCC - King William IV, West Horsley

Going to: The Weir Hotel, Waterside Drive, Walton-On-Thames KT12 2JB E

The pace of the ride will be: Slow and steady, no rush

The type of bikes it is suited to are: All types of bike

The type of roads being ridden along: Mainly A roads and B roads

What weather will it go ahead in: All weathers

The ride out will last approximately 1 hour.

This ride out is open to Club Members only.

We will be using the drop off system so no one should be left behind. If you don’t know this method, ask anyone at the start and they can explain this straight forward system. We move off at 8pm sharp. Come with a full tank of fuel so you dont go home on fumes.

Route details:
Jim will lead this ride. leaving 8pm sharp.

How to recognise the organiser:
The ride leader will be wearing a fluorescent jacket

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